5 Woocommerce SEO Tips

If you are looking forward to experiencing ecommerce functionality in your WordPress powered website, woocommerce is your only go-to. This free WordPress plugin is not only easy to use but helps you to create a fully functional e-commerce website in just a few clicks.

However, using the woocommerce plugin isn’t enough to drive more targeted traffic and boost sales. In order to do that, you will require investing in woocommerce SEO services and follow these tips to increase your sales ultimately.


1- Perform keyword research: To target the audience effectively, you must first know what they are exactly typing while searching for products like yours. And that is where keyword research comes in.

It is best to use keyword research tools to determine which keyword is capable of bringing more traffic to your industry. You can find both paid and free tools easily online.

During the research, start by using the main keyword or seed keyword to find what are the other related and relevant keywords for your business. Make sure to keep a master list of the new ones you find so the same can be used during optimization.


2- Employ the all-in-one SEO plugin: It is best to use the SEO plugin if you want to attract potential customers and optimize the website,

For instance, the AIO SEO plugin works best with woocommerce to grow your traffic. Once integrated with your woocommerce, AIO SEO can improve SEO across the board by using tools like:

  • On-page SEO analysis
  • Schema support
  • Image optimization
  • Title and Meta description editing
  • Social media sharing tools.

Moreover, AIO SEO also enables you to select a focus phrase or keyword on every page of your website and even offers suggestions on how to use it correctly as per the page’s SEO.


3- Concentrate on focus keyphrases: Another thing you must focus on to make your products and pages optimized is one specific keyword phrase per page, also known as “focus keyphrase,”

With a focus keyword or phrase for every piece of content on the page, it becomes possible to optimize the post easily. Once the key phrase is added in AIO SEO’s focus keyphrase box, the plugin scans the content to ensure it is optimized for the particular phrase or word.

You can use AIO SEO to also track the performance of the keyphrases to check which ones are getting better page views, which ones have higher bounce rates, which product or page is doing better on search engines, etc.

The information gathered from these insights can be used to make data-driven decisions about things like what keywords are best for producing more content, which content needs more often updates and what aspects need further optimization, etc.


4- Work on the products and category pages: It is essential to take care of every product and category page on your website, especially if you own an ecommerce website.

The optimization process of products and category pages work similarly to optimizing blogs posts. Each needs to have aspects like:

  • A descriptive page/product title
  • SEO Meta description
  • SEO title
  • Slug with main keywords
  • Optimized product description

Even though Google sometimes dynamically changes the description to align with the searcher’s keywords, it is best to create an optimized one.


5- Spend time on internal link building: Internal links are extremely useful because they aid the users to navigate through the site, create an SEO-friendly architecture for your website, create link juice between content and even boost the search rankings.

So, check and determine high-priority products and category pages on your website, then go ahead and add internal links to them from the authoritative pages of your site. Authoritative pages are nothing but pages that lures organic visitors, such as blog posts.

Your authoritative pages can be used to pass more link juice to the high priority products and categories that aren’t doing well on search engines, rank wise. Try using the related links within the content itself for easy flow.


Signing off

Woocommerce plugin opens various doors of possibilities for your ecommerce business. However, optimization still remains the key for driving more organic traffic that results in boosted sales.

So, find the best woocommerce SEO service provider who can leverage the plugin with the tips suggested above to enhance your ROIs.

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