A Good Television Buying Guide

There’s plenty of good news for TV shoppers. Price reductions on newer technology televisions such as plasma and LCD continued last year, while performance improved: better anti-burn in technology, higher resolution, larger screen sizes, etc. With a 40-46 inch plasma or LCD TV costing up to $3,500, finding a deal is essential. To get more details, go to¬†

Smart shoppers can save up to 50% on their purchases. However, for many consumers, knowing how to find the best television purchase may require a few tips.


Comparison shop- Never buy a costly item without first comparing it to similar items. Three or four competitors may offer nearly the same price, but another may offer a 20% discount. Comparing televisions using newspaper ads, phone calls, and, of course, the internet can be quick and easy.

To save money, buyers should be patient and wait weeks or months for sales to occur. Summer and holiday sales are standard, but many stores, especially online, offer year-round specials on select models.

Not everyone wants the giant screen they can afford, but is this really what they want? In some rooms, bigger isn’t always better. The same goes for attributes and features. Why pay for a higher resolution if the buyer can’t tell the difference?

Extend your warranty for free

Most TV failures occur in the first year when the standard manufacturer’s warranty is in effect or several years later when an extended warranty has expired. So, statistically, an extended warranty is rarely worth the extra cost. An extended warranty can be purchased before the standard warranty expires, allowing the buyer to avoid sales pressure.

Buy Online

Online shopping is often cheaper. Because shipping fees can sometimes outweigh the savings on televisions, use a retailer that offers free shipping. Online shopping can save you money on taxes in some cases.

Model Closeouts & Returns

Those who don’t get swept up in the latest gadgets get the best deals. Due to rapid technological advancements, recent models quickly become dated, allowing buyers to get better deals. Checking for returned items is also prudent because some customers change their minds after a few days. In either case, consumers can get top picks at below-average prices.

Price Guaranteed

A price guarantee ensures that the price paid is the best possible price, even if further markdowns occur within a few weeks.

Seek reliability.

Buying unknown brands can save money in the short term. However, if the television dies early, it may not be the cheapest option. Consumers should consult reliable sources such as Consumer Reports or JD Power & Associates for manufacturer ratings when considering a purchase.

A new television set is expensive for many families, especially as TVs become more extensive and sophisticated. With a bit of patience and research, most shoppers should be able to find the TV they want at a reasonable price.

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