Buying a Charging Cable? Here’s a Guide on the Suitable Options You Can Try 

Picking a mobile charger is like picking a school for your children: the performance depends upon the quality. Needless to say, technology keeps adding options after options. Whilst variations are good, at times, they end up confusing the customers. If you are juggling the same issue, you’re not alone. 

A lot of people find it very frustrating when they buy a charger and it ends up either breaking or it starts charging the phone very slowly after a while. We have made this guide to tackle this very issue. We will walk you through some amazing high-quality chargers you can buy at reputable sellers like Mcdodo. Dive in and explore the endless possibilities you never knew existed! 

  1. Mcdodo Auto-Disconnect Lightning Charger with Breathing LED

The name, pretty much, says a lot about this charger. It’s a lightning charger which means it takes less than 20 minutes to charge the phone up to 50%. Some of the benefits of using this iPhone charger (incompatible with iPhone 12) that’s better than most other products in the market (even the original chargers by Apple) are as follows. 

  • It is built with a halo LED to make it easy for you to have a look at the charging status. 
  • It discontinues charging as soon as the battery is 100% charged. Thus, the battery of the phone isn’t exposed to damage due to overheating. 
  • The cord is made of zinc and nylon, braided together to increase the durability of the cable. It doesn’t break due to twisting or coiling so easily. 
  1. McDodo 4 in 1 Fast Charge Data Cable

It’s compatible with both Android USB-C devices and IOS. The maximum charging current that can run through the cable is as high as a 3A. Some stellar benefits that are sufficient to make this charging cable a one-stop solution for all your devices are as follows. 

  • Even when you charge 4 devices together, the charging speed doesn’t decrease. 
  • It offers 4 options – USB C to USC C, USB C to Lightning, USB A to USB C, and USB A to Lightning.
  1. McDodo Lightning Spring Cable

This super quick charging cable lets 2A current pass through it, offering quick charging. It’s also appreciated by customers due to the following benefits. 

  • The length of the cable can stretch between 0.5M and 1.8M.
  • It maintains the recoil and flexibility for a long time. However, bear in mind, let the spring cable coil back normally after every use.


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