Choosing the right investment strategy- Elon musk and Teeka Tiwari’s approach

 Elon Musk and Teeka Tiwari share some core strategies that set them apart from the average investor examining their approaches us toward prudent investment decisions. Musk is for his long-term vision and willingness to patiently build companies like Tesla and SpaceX that solve big problems. He maintains this focus on skepticism or adversity. Tiwari brings a similar long-view mindset to investing in new technologies like cryptocurrency. 

One key trait both Musk and Tiwari exhibit is looking beyond hype to understand the real utility underlying innovations. When Musk invested in crypto, he didn’t just look at Bitcoin’s price spikes – he studied how blockchain technology works to facilitate transparent, decentralized finance. Tiwari performs deep dives into the functionality of different crypto projects for the same reason. Rather than getting caught up in speculative manias, Tiwari and Musk focus on how new technologies have tangible value. They are drawn to innovations capacity to disrupt existing sectors and provide solutions to real needs. 

This highlights another similar strategy – to take calculated risks on emerging innovations mainstream catches on. Neither Musk nor Tiwari are reckless gamblers. But they are comfortable with intelligently timing early investments in breakthroughs that align with their visions.  At the same time, both avoid trend-chasing. Tiwari is careful not to simply pump whichever crypto assets are hot, instead providing steady guidance on assets with robust fundamentals. Musk takes a selective approach to new technologies, betting big on those he understands rather than spreading bets all over. stocksreviewed article on Elon’s new AI project explore the motivation and vision driving Elon Musk’s AI project

Patience is another virtue exemplified by both Musk and Tiwari. Musk stresses long-term thinking and pursues ambitious projects for years or decades to fully manifest. Tiwari never claims crypto will be rich overnight, but investors commit to learning about blockchain’s implications and contributing to its wider adoption. Research is the foundation for the patient, calculated risk-taking we see from Musk and Tiwari. Whether evaluating new battery chemistry or an emerging DeFi protocol, they immerse themselves in understanding technical nuances before making investment decisions. 

Neither is swayed by emotions like fear or greed. Musk relies on first-principles reasoning investment possibilities. Tiwari leans on crypto’s underlying math and code when others get distracted by price volatility. While Musk and Tiwari are willing to be bold in the face of uncertainty, they mitigate risks by embracing diversification.  

  • Assessing real utility, not just hype
  • Taking calculated risks on emerging innovations
  • Avoiding reckless trend-chasing 
  • Maintaining patience and long-term vision
  • Immersing themselves in deep research
  • Using first-principles reasoning to filter out noise 
  • Diversifying their investments across multiple assets

A great example of Musk and Tiwari’s aligned investment strategies involves Bitcoin. Musk dove deep into how Bitcoin’s blockchain, decentralization, and mining ecosystem hold value and function as sound money. This research led him to recognize Bitcoin as a long-term store of value, leading Tesla to invest $1.5 billion in it. Tiwari similarly researched Bitcoin’s underlying technology and network effects. He realized Bitcoin’s unique attributes like transparency it was the crypto market’s reserve asset. As a result, Tiwari advised investors to have Bitcoin serve as a crypto portfolio anchor, calling it “digital gold.”

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