Key Steps To Prepare To Upgrade Or Migrate HCL Domino Server

For modern organizations, HCL Domino and Notes form the foundation of managing complex business processes. Upgrading or migrating to the HCL Domino production environment enables organizations to stay updated with the latest innovations, improve user experiences, and cater to business requirements.

However, upgrading or migrating to HCL Domino requires prep work. It is because performing an enterprise-grade upgrade or migrating to a new platform can be challenging. There are several obstacles organizations face in this process, including resource and cost commitment.

If your organization is gearing up to upgrade or migrate to HCL Domino/Notes, here are some key steps you should follow to avoid common mistakes and mitigate risks.

1. Know who your stakeholders are – This should include the end users, content developers, trainers, hosting & support teams, system owners, testing & QA teams, service partners, and administrators. It is important to understand how they interact with your system and how an upgrade to Domino will affect their operations.

2. Have an effective change plan in place – Preparing for a Domino upgrade or migration requires open consultation and communication with the stakeholders to facilitate the ‘change.’

3. Set performance benchmarks–Before you upgrade HCL Domino, it is important to perform a comprehensive benchmarking analysis. This will help set clear goals for key performance metrics pre-upgrade and post-upgrade.

4. Perform a comprehensive system audit

This is an integral preparation step before you upgrade – performing an audit of the entire system, including all customizations for both servers and client installs. Check out all system modifications and documentation or specifications related to the same. Also, analyze non-standard implementations to determine the risk of upgrades.

5. Create an upgrade plan

Based on your understanding from the above steps, you should set up an all-inclusive upgrade plan that will outline what should be upgraded, in what order, and by whom. What resources, people, time, and cost are essential for the upgrade process?

Upgrading or migrating HCL Domino can be intimidating and complex. An experienced Domino consultant from RockTeam can help your organization prepare for the change and streamline the entire process.

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