Unique AI and ML Empowered Tool for Getting Web Accessibility and Compliant Websites –AccessiBe

Every business must be compliant with the standard guidelines that have been listed under the ADA and the WCAG 2.1 regulations. Everyone should be able to access your business website without problems. This includes people with physical disabilities as they form a large part of society and use the Internet for buying products and services online. Suppose your site is not accessible for them. In that case, you will lose a large targeted audience, and, on top of that, your business will be subject to litigation and heavy fines for web accessibility and non-compliance.

When you are a website that is fully accessible for users with disabilities, you are able to gain a competitive edge in the market. However, this is easier than done. Even if you take the DIY route, it will be challenging for your business, and in the face of any mistake, you are liable to legal penalties. Luckily, an automated solution is available for companies to ensure that users have no web accessibility issues when they visit your site.

AccessiBe 1isthe leading name in website compliance and web accessibility for everyone, including people with physical disabilities. It is distinct in the market and has no direct competitor. In fact, it is one of the most practical and easiest ways for you to gain ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance. This tool deploys a small segment of your site’s JavaScript to make the adjustments and fix web accessibility issues.

Ideal for small business owners

Web accessibility is a costly affair for companies. The costs depend upon the number of web pages the site has. Large organizations generally have their own web development teams, and they work on site accessibility issues regularly. However, the manual process takes longer, and a lot of money, in some cases, thousands of dollars, has to be spent.

When it comes to small business owners, they have limited resources, and so for them, catering to web accessibility issues is challenging both in terms of time and money. Moreover, the additional costs of site maintenance also increase the bill, and this becomes very expensive for them.

The AccessiBe tool helps small to large-scale businesses in a big way to save money and time. This innovative and complete solution is empowered with artificial intelligence and machine learning. It has a double application structure to help sites fix accessibility issues and remain compliant when it comes to ADA and WCAG 2.1 regulations. When it comes to the use of the tool, it is simple to install and works with all web browsers.

It is mandatory for all websites to be accessible to everyone, so this tool is the only one available to help businesses attain this goal. It runs daily scans after 24 hours and offers you a certificate of compliance and accessibility statement under 48 hours after the checks on the site are done. This means you are effectively able to remain compliant and boost the user experience of your site in an effective way to everyone.

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