Ways to Add Subtitles to A Movie on your Mac

A lot of times, you might require subtitles while watching a movie especially for movies that are not released in your regional language as well as a subtitle that can be needed for movies that are recorded in your local language. However, all videos don’t have subtitles. Then, including a subtitle to any movie is the best idea. Some easy ways of adding subtitles to a video are as follows:

Simple ways to add subtitles to a video on Mac 

Subtitles can’t be loaded to all videos: you can only add subtitles to videos in MKV, MP4, AVI, or another video format that can add subtitles. Well, it’s not a tough work if your movie isn’t in the proper video formats, you can convert the video to MKV or another available format first, then add your subtitles to the movie. UniConverter is a powerful video tool which can both convert video in all popular formats and add subtitles to movies at one time.

Subtitles cannot be added to all movies since they can be added only to movies in formats like AVI, MKV, MP4, or any other format which is capable of including subtitles. However, it is not a difficult task to add subtitles if the movie is not in the appropriate file format, you can change the movie to MKV or any different format and then go for adding the subtitles. UniConverter is a reliable video tool which can be used as the best video player mac since it allows adding subtitles to videos at a single time and is supportive of all well-known video formats.

How to add subtitles to a Movie with iSkysof?

Following are the steps by which you can add subtitles to a Movie with iSkysof:

  • Step 1. Upload movies to the software

Launch UniConverter and then deaf all the original movies for dropping below the program. Use the option of adding files for importing them from the folder to your PC.

  • Step 2.Including subtitles to the movie 

Click the edit option below the video presets menu located in the display panel and you will find a pop-up menu.

  • Step 3.Start the task 

Once the subtitle is added, you require to make an output format. Shut the window and go back to the primary window.

When you are done with selecting the subtitles from the menu, they can be downloaded and instantly showed on the screen. You get a lot of extra features like easy customization options, font, size, and colour changing options.

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