Why Send Your Phone to an Electronic Recycling Plant in Singapore?


E recycling in Singapore is a topic that few people might think about, but it is still a crucial concern. The use of digital technology is on the rise in the country. Singapore is a highly urbanised region that depends on smart and digital technology to sustain itself. Carrying a digital device around is not uncommon in a country where one primary means of communication is through phones or the internet. Nearly 5 million people use phones for various reasons. That number accounts for roughly 90% of the population, a startling number for phone usage.

Because the penetration of digital technology in the country is deep, associated burdens and concerns come with them. High usage is why Singaporeans need to think about electronic waste and e-recycling. While many devices can last years of use, many people rarely keep their phones past a few years, so they can enjoy the latest technology. Switching phones every few years can get very wasteful–especially if you have multiple other devices, like tablets or laptops. Other smart devices also need to be replaced. Multiply that with millions of other people in Singapore (who may own more than one device, too).

Device ownership and disposal is a real issue because it adds up. Each year, many people throw away thousands of old or broken phones. While a few people might choose to pass on their older devices to someone else on the market, others need to discard devices that cannot be given away or resold. As more people grow reliant on these devices, phone disposal may become a huge problem.

The main problem is in figuring out how to safely dispose of devices that serve no purpose to you anymore. Devise disposal is where electronic recycling (or e recycling) in Singapore comes in. If you cannot resell your device, you should not just place your devices in the trash bin. Phones contain toxic chemicals that may leak out. Chemicals mix with the groundwater when placed in landfills and other trash disposal sites. It poisons the water in the surrounding areas.

In addition to poisoning groundwater in the surrounding areas, improper disposal of phones may also be dangerous to disposal workers. Chemicals such as lead and mercury are present in many phones and are generally unsafe to handle. One should accomplish phone disposal properly to avoid mishandling phone disposal.

What should we do with our broken and unusable phones?

Despite phone and digital device usage skyrocketing recently, few phones ever get recycled. Many end up in the trash can or gathering dust in drawers. You might want to be careful before throwing it away– depending on the country or region you live in, it may be illegal to throw away your phone improperly.

Thankfully, Singapore has imposed restrictions on selling electronic devices with batteries containing harmful levels of chemicals. This allows people to dispose of any electronic devices without polluting the environment. Disposal workers can burn any harmful chemicals at incineration plants.

However, that does not mean people should throw away their waste haphazardly. The best way to dispose of your devices is by looking into electronic recycling in Singapore. Electronic recycling does not concern only your mobile devices, but a vast majority of machinery and equipment that uses an electric power source such as batteries and outlets. For example, home appliances, furnishings, and more fall under electronic waste.

Small phones and devices are everywhere, so proper disposal is necessary to avoid the clogging of landfills and other waste facilities. With phones going obsolete each year, people need to be more conscious of their environmental impact. If your devices still work, you can research the best disposal companies for them.

People should leave broken and unusable phones in recycling plants and facilities where experts can dispose of phones properly. They can gather most of their parts for reuse. This method has the least impact on the environment and can give your phone a new chance at life.

How to prepare your phone for disposal




The steps for recycling your old phone are simple. If you have no questions or concerns about your phone, and you wish to dispose of it, you can find drop-off sites for phone recycling plants by checking out their websites. If you want to know more about your options for e recycling in Singapore, you should check out your resale options and talk to a dealer.

Regardless of how you choose to recycle your phone, you must ensure that it is ready for recycling, refurbishing, and other ways to dispose of your phone. Here are a few steps to remember before you throw away your phone.

1) Back up any important data you have on your phone

Your phone likely contains much important information, such as passwords, photos, videos, apps, and much more. When you get a new phone or device, you should ensure that any data you do not want to lose is on your new device. If your phone is still working, transfer its data to a new phone or back it up using other devices. Take a few days to check your old phone for anything you missed before passing it on to a reseller, dealer, or electronic recycling company in Singapore.

2) Do a hard reset of your phone

Your phone contains tons of personal and sensitive data, including bank information and credit card details if you filled them out on websites. Even with security measures, there might be a possibility of someone getting ahold of it.


Metalo International provides safe and environmentally-friendly ways for you to dispose of electronics you do not need anymore. For more information on what you can do with devices that have outlived their usefulness, check out their website to know about e waste recycling in Singapore.

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