Working from Home: Coronavirus Crises & “The New Reality”

It has now been accepted that the pandemic Covid 19 may take time to get subdued. There is also general acceptance to the fact by experts that in future too humanity cannot avoid other pandemics. This makes it more relevant for businesses to create work environment for employees that is in tune with current and future pandemics.

Since health priority is number one in the list of all other factors that a life consists of, it is but natural for most remote pc monitoring software employees to work from home in order to keep social distancing. Workers working from home therefore have to be on their own and carry out their tasks with utmost sincerity and dedication

But this is where the problem comes for there are several employees that may not carry out their tasks with perfection or may get distracted for many reasons including watching social media.

Monitoring Employees at their Home

It has become imperative on part of businesses to keep watch over their employee’s activities so that they get the best of return for the wages they pay. This has led to the appearance of new software such that employers can monitor employees in real time from their computer or laptop or mobile devices.

Many firms have installed cloud-based employee monitoring software system such that there is regular flow of information and the work flow is hardly affected. This is more important when remote working is in other far off places and countries where both business owners and their employees are restricted from traveling due to Covid.

In several instances, work from home has been found to be more productive than working inside workplaces. There are currently several employee time tracking and productivity tools that business managers may make use of which Veriato Vision is popular low cost tool.

Time Tracking and Productivity Tools

Time tracking and productivity tools differ according to their application and each business’s specific needs. For instance, you will find remote collaboration tools that allow your business to stay connected and help employees work in real time irrespective of the distances.

In case a business has lots of confidential data then there may be need to monitor employee right from their home base very carefully. For this you may need to install InterGuard Time Tracking software. This tool will help you dealing with any suspicious activities and deliberate attempt to leak data. Video conferencing is yet another way to keep in touch with your employees remotely.

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