Comparing gaming monitors: Don’t miss these aspects!

If you are planning to upgrade your current monitor, or want a new gaming monitor for your personal use, there are some essential factors to consider. The monitor is one of the key elements of your gaming setup. Without a good gaming monitor, the best graphics card or PC/console wouldn’t make much sense. The good news is gaming monitors come in all price brackets. Something like PrimeCables gaming monitor with 4K resolution will cost you less than $400, but there are also premium ones that cost more than $1,000. Just because a gaming monitor is expensive doesn’t mean that it is the “best” in category. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to compare different models.

Comparing Screen size

Many new gaming enthusiasts make the mistake of buying a huge monitor. For gaming, you don’t need a big screen – You need one that can be viewed easily. In other words, you don’t want to move your head from one end of the screen to another, especially because you will be pretty close to the screen. This is not like buying a television. Ideally, you don’t need a gaming monitor bigger than 30-inch in size. In fact, the best idea would be to pick something between 22-inch and 28-inch.

Comparing screen resolution

There are three categories in screen resolution. The first one is the most basic – 1080p (Full HD). This is what you would definitely need, if you cannot afford something more expensive. However, if you don’t mind shelling a tad more, go for one of the 4K models, also called 2160p (UHD) monitors. Higher resolution monitors cost more, so it’s more of a budget call than anything else.

Comparing refresh rate

For the uninitiated, refresh rate is the number of times a monitor refreshes the image onscreen, per second. It is measured in hertz. At the least, most gaming monitors have a refresh rate of 60hz, which is again the basic level, while some of the advanced ones can have a refresh rate of 240Hz. Note that the refresh rate only matters to an extent. For instance, if you don’t have an awesome graphics card, high refresh rate is practically of no use.

Buying online

Besides these aspects, do check online stores that often have more models and better discounts in gaming monitors. You can always go for a better resolution for a modest graphics card and settle for a low refresh rate.

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