Email deliverability: how to create high-quality communication and what is the secret of the fifth contact?

Sending emails and waiting for a response from a potential customer is the most difficult task for a company’s marketer or a start-up entrepreneur. Each of them wants to get results here and today, without putting it off for later. But not everything is so simple. The delivery of letters and the effectiveness of their work on the result, more difficult than it may seem at first. It requires not only patience, but also certain technological solutions. The experts from the profile company Reply tell you in detail about how to improve the deliverability of your emails. 

Their tutorials concentrate on the most common and popular email deliverability practices. We’ll talk now about how not to miss your customer, even after we’ve achieved high deliverability rates. Emails are being read, but purchase or contact decisions are never realized.

Never give up, or why only the fifth contact works

This is the watchword of those who send emails to potential buyers. And here’s why. As the statistics of successful purchases show, a buyer’s trust does not appear from the first acquaintance. It’s almost the same story as with human relationships, since the final decision is made by a person, not a robotic algorithm. Let us point out the approximate calculations of the researchers of several marketing companies. According to their data, only the fifth attempt at contact can yield results. However, even before that many leave this path and give space to competitors:

  • 40-45% after the first unsuccessful contact stop communicating;
  • 20% stop communicating after the second rejection;
  • 14% forget about the specific address of the consumer after the third negative response or neutrality of the user;
  • 12% are ready to stop communication after the fourth attempt.

To summarize, just over 90% of marketers do not attempt to make an offer for the fifth time. In fact, the remaining 8-10% of marketers, can achieve the same success that everyone else was trying to achieve. And that’s where persistence is the only thing that works.

As practice shows, it’s not just about creating a favorable technological environment to get the email out of the spam zone and get the emails on the readable content list. It is important to maintain persistence and to believe that the customer will come for a purchase. Although in this case, in addition to activity, you should also show a certain amount of creativity and experiment with the content of the messages, as well as with the form of presentation and design. But that’s a slightly different topic.

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