Ruler Of Social Media Photo Sharing

Instagram is a simple yet fun and creative source of capturing pictures and sharing them on the internet platform. Instagram is the most used social media source for sharing photos and videos in the internet world. Before the internet world arose, we used to have post card system which needed so long period to travel from sender to receiver. It used to take so long period for sending photos. After the arrival of the internet and rapid growth of technology there came a social networking source called Instagram. IN Instagram we can upload a Website to show our creativity.

There are few steps involved to how to insert a website URL into the Instagram account.

They can be as follows:

  • We need to go to settings of the profile.
  • Open the edit profile settings and then add the biography and then add the URL of the website.
  • Done the URL is been found on the Instagram account.

Now a days as the technology is getting increased many illegal activities also started like hacking, breach of data, unauthorized usage of personal data and so many like this. Let us discuss about those and also how to increase the security of our own social media sources.

Important Things to be followed to enjoy the Social Media in a Correct Way:

Few of the important points are as follows-

  • Firstly we should have highly protected password so that the hacker cannot even guess the password which may many permutations and combinations of letters, words, and symbols.
  • Secondly answer the security questions in a very tricky way so that none can identify the answer except the account holder.
  • Do not share any kind of personal information in public as it may lead to data breach and the account may be corrupted as there are many sources of hacking.
  • Always check the profile private security option in the Instagram account and keep it updated so as to know for any technical breach is happening or not.
  • Getting upgraded according to the updating Instagram software.

Like this there are many securities that should be taken by the account holder of Instagram so as to keep their account safe and secure from hackers.

The more we privatize our information the more secure we are in any networking sites.

Instagram is a platform where in we can share all types of photography along with filter used in order to increase our creativity in photoshop.

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